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Описание материала:

Antonov Design Bureau Antonov AN-22 UR-64460 (cn 6340103) paid a visit to Schiphol International Airport during March 1998. With some inside help from the airport management I was able to catch this beast firing up her four contra-rotating turbine Kuznetsov NK-12MA engines. This a/c is now on display at the Technik Museum at Speyer Germany.More on the UR-64460..see also: http://www.apvw.nl/an22.htmOur famous An-22 video in a completely new 2nd edition! Five different An-22s. Have a look at worlds largest propeller aircraft ever in service! You will see this magnificent airplane in action at a Russian Air Force base in the GDR. Arriving, loading and departing from Amsterdam. Very rare is the last time that this aircraft became attention. You will see the An-22 UR-64460 on her final flight to a museum in Germany. First attempt with overshoot, final landing and transport into the museum. This video includes not only landings and take off at an Soviet Airbase and ramp footage at Amsterdam airport, but also detailed shots of the cockpit and interior.

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:06:30
Автор: mprophet100
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